The PharmVAR Consortium

The Pharmacogene Variation (PharmVar) Consortium is the new home for PGx gene nomenclature serving as a centralized ‘Next-Generation’ Pharmacogene Variation data repository. The major focus of PharmVar is to continue the mission of serving as the official and unified allele designation system for the global PGx community.

The Human Cytochrome P450 (CYP) Allele Nomenclature Database formerly hosted at has transitioned to Children’s Mercy in Kansas City, USA and will be integrated into the new PharmVar database that will launch later in 2017. The goal is to transfer all P450 genes into to the PharmVar database within the first year of the project and other high priority PGx genes, including clinically actionable CPIC genes, thereafter.

Additional information can be seen in this presentation

Steering Committee